Monday, November 13, 2017

Getting closer and closer....

The big machine is the fresh air unit on the Parish House Roof. This exchanges inside stale air for healthy outside air. Electrician Tony is trying to figure out where all those mysterious wires need to go (He really knows; he was just looking very serious for the camera.).

The big tank trunk is filled with deionized water and glycol. The other truck has all the pumps and valves. Together, they are giving the geothermal wells their final fill. The guys operating them are taking great pains to make sure there is not one air bubble in the system!

Since we're in deep Reformation mode this year, we shall now pose the Small Catechism question -
What does this mean for us?
It means there should be one extra thing to celebrate on Thanksgiving Day - HEAT IN THE CHURCH.
But probably not this coming Sunday. There are still details being cleaned up. Plus starting up this complicated system is more than just flipping a switch. Actually, a computer does all the switch flipping to make sure that happens in the right order.
Please know that everyone on the job is working as hard and fast as possible to get the system done for us. Perspective: the projected schedule for the HVAC work was 20 weeks/five months. They will actually have it up and running five weeks early. Moral: it could be so, so much worse!
There's been so much emphasis on the heating/cooling system in these reports, here's something different. The Parish House entry is being fabricated now, and all the equipment for monitoring and operating the door is ordered. Christmas was a hoped-for date to complete. Now it's looking more like Ground Hog's Day - Oops! Presentation of our Lord. As always, thank you for being so patient!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Parking lot work almost done!

Monday morning begins with (drum roll, please) a NEW PARKING LOT.

Good news for this week: The parking lot will be open All Saints' Sunday, November 5. The fence will be up, but the gates will be open. Find your space.

Less good news:  Continue to "layer up" for cool conditions in church. We will still only have "partial heat" this Sunday and next.

Consider this Reformation perspective: As we experience 16th century central heat, our brothers and sisters at Central Lutheran are experiencing 16th century plumbing while their new building is under construction - a line of portable toilets. We will be warm soon; it's going to be a long winter downtown.